The Tobi Steamer As Seen On Tv

Professional Quality Wrinkle Removal Without Ironing!

Tobi steamer is the first and only professionally powered upright and portable wrinkle removing machine designed to wipe out wrinkles just like the pros at the dry cleaners and in the fashion industry. Safe for all fabrics, from the most delicate silk to the toughest denim.

The Tobi removes wrinkles up to five times faster than ironing!

Throw away your ironing board for good!

  • To steam away wrinkles in seconds with the Tobi Steamer, just hang the garment on a regular hanger. No board or flat surface required.
  • The heat and moisture get rid of wrinkles in seconds. Turn the lighted switch to ON.
  • You apply no pressure. Just touch the garment lightly, and move the nozzle up and down. It’s easy – even fun!

A dry cleaning store in your bedroom

Laundries and dry cleaners can do the work for you … but with all the different shirts, slacks, skirts, and suits you wear in a month, the cost can really add up fast – and take a big bite out of your household budget.

  • Do you lack time and patience for ironing? Running back and forth to drop off and pick up at the dry cleaner or laundry takes time too. And money.
  • The average American spends $450 a year on dry cleaning. And that doesn’t include your valuable time.
  • TOBI lets you steam wrinkles out of your clothes at home, just like professional dry cleaners do in their stores … saving time and money.

TOBI removes wrinkles the fastest – and most effective – way possible. With live steam. The same live steam that professional dry cleaners use – only at a tiny fraction of the cost!

Removes wrinkles up to 5 times faster than ironing!

TOBI STEAMER ships in 3-4 weeks (Rush shipping is available) and is also available for shipping to Canada!

Tobi Steamer
3 easy Payments of $33.00
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$29.98 shipping and handling
30 Day Money Back Guarantee (less S&H)
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