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Cooking Measurement Conversions

Cooking Conversion Tool

These handy little tools will help you quickly convert weights and measurements for all your favorite recipes!

Living in the U.S. I often find recipes that I like from European chefs like Jamie Oliver but have a hard time following the recipes because they are all metric. So we came up with these easy cooking conversion tools since we knew there were other cooks out there that could benefit from the weight and measurements conversions that we use for all our favorite recipes.

Kitchen and Cooking Measurement Conversion Tools

Key in the value & click anywhere outside the box to convert!

Temperature Converter
Weight Converter
*1 KG = 1000 grams.
Liquid Converter
fl .oz.
*1 liter = 1000 ml.

Use the tool below for measurement conversions like cups to quarts or gallons to liters
What quantity to convert ?


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