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Famous Chef Recipes

Famous TV Chefs

This is an assortment of recipes from famous Food Network chefs. Just because a recipe is made by a famous chef on Food TV doesn't mean that it is difficult to make. Recipes from TV Chefs are often easy to make at home for a family dinner or easy entertaining. Try one of the famous recipes from Paula Deen for good ole' down home country goodness, or if you need a recipe for a quick and easy family dinner , Rachael Ray is Famous for her fantastic 30 minute meals.

This collection is currently television chefs from Food Network and as time goes on I will add some recipes from PBS and other cooking shows as well. I hope you enjoy these FoodNetwork chef recipes.

Famous TV Chef Recipes

Paula Deen Recipes - Paula Deen is one of our favorite chefs. On Paula's food network tv show her down home southern cooking recipes are the ultimate in comfort foods.

Rachael Ray Recipes - Rachael Ray is the queen of quick when it comes to easy cooking. Don't let her 30 minute meals fool you into thinking that they can't be good because they are fast, these recipes are truly full of flavor and always become an instant meal favorite.

Emeril Lagasse Recipes - Emeril is one of the most popular chefs on FoodNetwork. Emeril recipes run the range of quick and easy to awe inspiring. He does a wide variety of food types from cajun and creole recipes to portuguese and everything in between.

If you are going to be traveling and want to try some of these chefs cooking first hand, check out the Famous Chef Restaurants page for a list of locations.

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