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Drink Recipes

Drink Recipes

Drink Recipes for Kids and Adults

You don't have to be an expert bartender to make a good drink with or without alcohol. These drink recipes are sure to please your family and friends. Enjoy a drink before, during or after a meal or just have some fun and throw a cocktail party for a few friends.

If it's martini recipes you want, check out the martini recipes page.

Mixed Drink Recipes

Apple Cider Punch - great recipe for holiday entertaining.

Hot Chocolate Recipe - Children of all ages love hot chocolate (as I'm writing this page my 6 year old is asking for some as bed time snack!) with or without marshmallows.

Wine Cooler Recipe - Wine coolers are crisp, clean and refreshing. This punch recipe goes especially on a hot summer day.

Italian Coffee- a nice finisher for almost any meal.

Mojito Recipe - Mojitos have become very popular of late. This alcoholic drink made with rum, fresh mint and lime is extreamly refreshing on a hot summer day, especially if slushed with crushed ice in the blender.

Bikini Martini Recipe - This is an Interesting twist for a martini. Although this alcoholic recipe is for a single drink, you can modify it and make it by the pitcher for small groups.

Warm Apple Cider Punch - This fragrant apple cider punch recipe can be started early in the day and made in a crockpot. The crockpot makes for easy serving and as the punch warms it will waft a pleasant spiced apple scent throughout your home.

Gin and Sin - This recipe comes from the "Standard Bartender's Guide". Copyright date is 1962. It's pretty interesting to see that years ago most drinks were made with gin or whiskey, whereas today the popular mix is predominantly vodka.

Bubbly Juice - This drink recipe got it's name from my son when he was 3. simple to make, you can use any fruit juice you like.

Smoothies - choose from a great selection of healthy smoothies.


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