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Cooking With Kids Recipes

Kids Recipes

Cooking with kids is not only a fun way to spend the day but following easy recipes for kids can be educational for children as well. For picky children it can be a fun way for them to get involved in the food they prepare and an easy way for you to introduce your kids to new recipe ideas. Recipes children make themselves make it more likelythey will try something new and receive praise for than something they are unfamiliar with. Kids love to "help" and these recipes for kids are perfect for that.

As the basics of cooking include math and reading- measurements, fractions, reading the recipe and time telling, cooking is an educational experience for kids as well. My 6 year old has his own apron and bake ware and loves to spend time with me in the kitchen trying new recipes. Enjoy these recipes for kids and enjoy the time spent with your children in the kitchen. I Know we do.

Easy Recipes Kids Can Make

Make Your Own Pizza - All Kids love pizza, and this recipe is a great way to let your children "play with their food" so to speak.

Stained Glass Windows - This Recipe for stained glass window candies has been passed on to me by my grandmother. She would make these chocolates with us at Christmas time and it was always one of our favorite treats as kids.

Dogs in a Blanket - All Kids love hot dogs, and this recipe is a great way to let your children help in making a snack, lunch or quick dinner.

Cinnamon Toast - A Quick and easy breakfast recipe you and your kids will love, this cinnamon toast also makes a great after school snack.

ABC Sandwiches - This sandwich combines some of my favorite things. It's so easy-the kids can make it themselves (with the help of an adults.)

Ice Cream Sundaes - This sandwich combines some of my favorite things. It's so easy-the kids can make it themselves (with the help of an adult.)

Ranch Tacos - Like Tacos but the kids won't eat them because they are too spicy? Try this recipe for ranch tacos that the whole family is sure to enjoy. Made with Hidden Valley Dressing (or your favorite ranch dressing) it lets you and your kids bite the taco without the taco biting back!

Marshmallow Suprises - A simple candy recipe that kids can make (with a little help) for any holiday season. Makes a great rainy day activity.

Double Chocolate Chip Cookies
wether you like your cookies soft and chewy or crisp, this cookie recipe makes both, with double the chocolate chips!

Easy S'mores Cookies
This is a great recipe for no bake S'mores Cookies. Made with honey graham cereal and mini marshmallows drizzled with milk chocolate, this is a guaranteed cookie bar winner!

Sausage Buddies- a great appetizer for any kids party

Fiesta Fruit- a fruit salad recipe even kids love!

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