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everybody loves pizza, and this recipe is a great way to let your children "play with their food" so to speak. Homemade pizza is also a fun way to entertain guests and let them add the toppings that they prefer. By making their own pizza, everyone gets to pick thier favorite toppings and personalize thier own pizza. How awsome is that for a kid!

For this recipe you will need our Pizza Dough recipe found here, or store bought pizza shells. We have found that the 8" shells work the best for kids. Pizza shells can often be found in the frozen food or bakery sections of your grocery store. For a quick afternoon snack, this recipe for pizza works equally well with english muffins as the pizza shell and cooked in a toaster oven, or as I prefer when entertaining, Grilling the pizza on the BBQ!

Easy Homemade Pizza Recipe

1 recipe of Pizza dough seperated and tossed into 4 shells or 4 store bought pizza shells

  • pizza sauce (a jar of spagehtti sauce works well too)
  • shredded mozzerralla cheese
  • olive oil

    suggested toppings:

    • mushrooms
    • pepperoni
    • peppers
    • pineapple
    • sausage
    • sliced ham
    • fresh tomatoes

Lay out all toppings in seperate bowls. Arange pizza shells on plates and brush with olive oil.

Let each person top their pizza shell with sauce, thier favorite topping and cheese then bake at 450 for 10-15 minutes or until cheese is melted.

If you want to try this on the gas or charcoal grill check out the recipes for Grilled Pizzas here

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