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Martini Recipes

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I Love my Martini!

Martini recipes have been some of the most popular drink recipes in lounges and restuarants for almost a century. Even specialty "martini bars" have sprung up all over the world. The history of the martini as we know it today is a little unclear, but it's roots apear to derive from a drink called a "Martinez" that dates back to the mid 1800's.

This collection includes martini recipes for classic martinis as well as some of the more popular trendy martini drink variations. Try a few of these recipes at your next cocktail party and make it a Martini party! Variations include Vodka martinis, blue or orange martini recipes as well as some fruity martinis such as the cosmopolitan. As always with any alcholic drink, enjoy, but drink responsibly.

Cocktail Drinks - Martini Recipes

Clasic Dry Martini
The traditional martini that started it all!

Dirty Martini
The dirty martini contains both sweet and dry vermouth and has a cloudy or "dirty" look

Vodka Martini
Made famous by the James Bond movies

Chocolate Martini
Chocolate martinis are a great after dinner cocktail. variations include white chocolate martinis

Mexican Martini
made with tequila and fruit juice, it's very similar to a margaritta, but not as sour.

Bikini Martini
a great martini recipe for a hot summers day

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