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My Family Kitchen is always looking for quality sites to exchange links with but we do have a few simple rules. If you can't follow these don't bother asking for a link.

MyFamilyKitchen went live on January 1st, 2007. Within 2 weeks we already had over 20 pages listed in Google, as as of now we have almost 500 quality content pages indexed and add more every day. We are actively seeking one way, reciprocal and directory links and expect to be a PR 4 site by the next Google update.

We also offer Premium Links and bilboard pages for quality sites. For information, please email the webmaster at links@myfamilykitchen.com

Here are the rules for linking:

  • No porn, gambling or viagra type sites.
  • You don't have to have a PR rank, but you must be listed in Google.
  • You must use one of the link codes listed below. Feel free to modify the font and or color to suit your site, but do not modify the anchor text.
  • We check backlinks regularly. If you take the link down or nofollow it soon after the reciprocal is up, trust me, we will know and so won't thousands of other webmasters.
  • Put the link up on your site then send us the url for verification along with the link text you would like us to use. We will verify it and post the reciprocal usually within 24 hours.
  • we are also open to deep linking and article exchange. If you would like an article from My Family Kitchen for your site, or would like to exchange deep links, email us.
  • For quality links, we have several other sites that we would be happy to exchange links with you on. email the webmaster here.

That is about it. If you agree to the above, Just cut and paste the link below that best matches the overall content of you site and paste it into your page. Let us know when it's up and we would be happy to link back.

<a href="http://www.myfamilykitchen.com/copy-cat-cookbook.html">Copycat Cookbooks</a>

<A href="http://www.asotvmarket.com">As Seen On TV Store </a>

<A href="http://www.myfamilykitchen.com">Free Online Recipes </a>

<A href="http://www.myfamilykitchen.com/cigarrest/index.html">Quit Smoking with CigArrest </a>

<A href="http://www.myfamilykitchen.com/weight-loss/index.html">Medifast Weight Loss Diet Plan </a>

Remember, to see your site listed, email us here with the details.

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