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This Recipe for stained glass windows candy has been passed on to me by my grandmother and is part of our Family Recipe Coookbook. She would make these chocolate dessert treats with us at Christmas time and it was always one of our favorite treats as kids.

My little one loves to help make chocolate stained glass windows now, and the rest of us really enjoy eating them! This recipe for stained glass windows is pretty easy for kids to make themselves (with a littel help in melting the chocolate) as the basic ingredients are chocolate and mini marshmallows. We like to add nuts and roll ours in coconut flakes, but this is optional.

Stained Glass Windows Candy Recipe

1 12 oz package chocolate chips
1 Bag multi-colored mini marshmallows

Optional ingredients:

  • chopped nuts
  • coconut flakes
  • candied fruit

Place mini marshmallows in large bowl.
Melt Chocolate in double boiler over medium heat stirring often. (you can also melt them in the microwave)
When chocolate is completely melted and smooth, pour over marshmallows.

If using add nuts and/or candied fruit. Using large spoon toss mixture to combine. (this is a good step for the kids to help with.)

Lay out 2 sheets of parchment paper about 14 inches long. Separate mixture into 2 equal size portions on each sheet of parchment and form into log shape by rolling tightly in paper. If using coconut, sprinkle over top of formed log at this point.

Roll logs in paper and twist ends to hold stained glass window log tight. Refrigerate for 2-3 hours. Remove logs from fridge and remove paper. Slice log every 1/2 inch. store in cool dry place for up to one week.

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