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Salad Recipes

Healthy Salad Recipes

Salad Recipes

Salads make a healthy lunch, go well before most dinners or can be a meal all in themselves.

We often grill chicken or salmon and slice it thin to go with our salads. If your looking for a nice salad recipe for work, lunch or your next ladies luncheon, try one of these healthy and delicious salads.

Healthy Salad Recipes

Spinich Salad with Apples Recipe This salad recipe made with fresh spinich and apples is not only healthy, but quick and easy to make for a fast lunch.

Orange 'n Red Salad Recipe This salad recipe calls for navel oranges but we often substitute Mandarin oranges for an asian style twist. This salad is not only healthy, but quick and easy to make for a fast lunch.

Angel Hair with Fresh Spinach, Peas and Goat Cheese Healthy and quick, this is a nice Italian pasta salad recipe that would be perfect for a light Italian lunch or served as a side dish with chicken.

Applebee's Oriental Chicken Salad
When it comes to favorite restaurant recipes, Applebee's always makes the top of the list. This recipe for Applebee's oriental chicken salad has been a favorite for a long time. It's light, healthy low in carbs and delicious too!

Fruit Salad
this fruit salad in a cantaloupe bowl is a great start to any luncheon

Spinach Salad
a particular favorite of mine this salad recipe calls for apples and a variety of rasins.


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